SEA Lepus Box 24V Slide Gate Operator (With Stainless Steel Case)

SEA Lepus Box 24V Slide Gate Operator (With Stainless Steel Case)

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The Lepus Box 24V Chain Driven Slide Gate Operator by SEA features a heavy duty motor bathed in oil, prolonging its life and allowing for use in commercial applications and is capable of operating gates up to 37 ft. long and weighing up to 1500 lbs.

Lepus Box 24V Slide Gate Operator Includes:

• (1) Operator With Gate 1 DG Control Unit
• (1) Receiver
• (1) 433 Mhz Transmitter
• (1) Foundation Plate
• (1) Installation Accessories Kit
• (1) Warning Signboard
• (1) 20 ft. Chain (Type 40)
• (1) Installation Instructions & General Notice
Technical Specifications:
• Opening up to 37 ft. long and 1500 lbs. gates
• Electric motor and reduction gear are continuously immersed in an oil bath, allowing for long lasting operation and intensive use
• Gears housed in a single piece cast aluminum block
• Mechanical clutch in oil bath as an anti-crushing safety device
• Electronic clutch as an additional anti-crushing safety device
• Reversing system in case of obstruction (encoder)
• Easy and unique manual release with key
• Ball bearings on all wheels
• Stainless steel case with manual release
• Equipped with digital control board Gate 1 DG
• Buzzer alarm
• Equipped with built in battery backup

• Power Supply: 120V
• Power Consumption: 1/2 HP
• Operating Temperature: -4°F to 131°F
• Opening Time (90°): 13 inches/sec.
• Duty Cycles: 90%
• Max Gate Weight: 1500 lbs.
• Max Gate Length: 37 ft.
• Anti-Crushing Protection: Encode/Electronic Clutch
• Application Type: Commercial