BFT ARES ULTRA BT A1000 | Rack and Pinion Slide Gate Operator

BFT ARES ULTRA BT A1000 | Rack and Pinion Slide Gate Operator

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For fast and safe programming. 
EELINK is a system developed by BFT which, by means of connection to handheld programmers (Unipro, Uniradio and Proxima), makes it possible to transfer data from automatic systems to PCs and vice versa. 
Thus EEdbase or U-base, the databases of the information stored in the installed systems, are constantly updated. 
Thanks to this software it possible to associate the necessary personal details with each system: owner's address and details, name of maintenance technician, names of every remote control holder, etc. 
With EElink, just press a few buttons to easily manage the customer base or preventive maintenance. Even operations that were once complex become easier: for example, re-configuring the control unit or the radio receiver in case of replacement or the setup of a control panel, starting from a standard or custom configuration.

A precise, safe and reliable technology. 
Bft 24V technology ensures optimum performance with a precise adjustment of slowdown in closing and opening. 
Safety is another key aspect, ensuring the immediate stopping and reversal of movement in the presence of obstacles. 
The efficiency of the technology is a guarantee of the product's reliability.

A single communication platform for all types of control units and receivers. 
The innovative interconnectivity systems developed by Bft along with wireless connection solutions in the field of access point automation become integrated through the new U-link system communication protocol. 
A technology designed and developed to operate using specific gateways for any type of physical media and communication protocol. 
To fully facilitate installers in creating the system and in maintenance, Bft can offer solutions based on Bluetooth transmission systems in local and TCP/IP environments for remote connection. 
U-Link ensures an absolutely stable standard, correct communication, as well as secure data protection thanks to two levels of encryption, offered by the data encryption system and password of the protocol and by the underlying communication system. 
- U-Link is a technological platform that forms the heart of Bft products. 
- U-link uses an open approach: by changing the B-Eba, Bft proprietary gateway, it is possible to adapt to many different communication languages. 
- U-link is flexible: it can work with or without a network connection, depending on the B-Eba gateway installed. 
- U-Link enables remote maintenance of the products thanks to two-way communication. 
- U-link is scalable: an infinite number of objects can be added to a U-link network. 
- U-Link allows the creation of groups of products: various B-Ebas can be grouped to allow individual or group control of the associated products. 
U-link is an innovation that turns products into Bft solutions.

  • Operator 120 V for sliding gates up to 1000 kg in weight. Leaf speed 9 m/min.
  • Magnetic limit switches: this type of limit switch ensures safe and precise installations in any ambient condition
  • Control unit with programming display: the Merak control unit with programming display with pre-programmed scenarios helps the installer in the programming phase; the control unit is arranged in an oblique way, to facilitate reading and making the settings
  • Front screws: this arrangement of the casing screws offers ease and convenience during installation and maintenance, even when there is limited space.
  • Release lever with personalized key: the release lever simplifies motor release and the personalized key ensures its uniqueness, for better safety