Eagle 2000-FSF Fail Safe 1/2 HP Slide Gate Operator

Eagle 2000-FSF Fail Safe 1/2 HP Slide Gate Operator

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With 4 models to choose from, Eagle-2000 is the reliable choice for all your commercial and industrial needs; combining big heavy gates with high traffic use for smooth powerful operation. Install Eagle-2000 for reliable power. 

Installation is made simple with the advanced features you most often need standard on every operator; features like Stop-Reverse allowing your transmitter to work like a 3-button station, or motor brake for added control on downhill applications.

Dual gate Master/Slave operation has never been easier. Just two wires provide full Master/Slave communication. Global inputs between master and slave operators allow connection of any accessories to either the master or slave and the Diamond Control Board does the rest.

Standard Features
• 2-Wire Master/Slave with Global Inputs
• Open/Close Delay
• One Pass (No Tailgate)
• Motor Brake
• 24 VDC Output for MAG Lock
• 24 VAC Auxiliary Power Output
• Partial Open
• Stop-Reverse
• Auto-Close Timer (1-60 seconds)

Gate Operation
• Rated Continuous Duty 

• 20' of #41 Nickel Plated Chain
• Size 50 Gear Reducer
• All-Weather/UV Resistant (HDPE) Cover
• 1/4" Zinc Plated Steel Chassis to Resist Corrosion
• Power Disconnect
• Auxiliary 120 VAC Power Outlet

• No-Weld Chain Brackets
• UHMW Silent Idler Wheels
• Audio Alarm
• Pre-Wired Receiver Terminal
• FSC Models Only - Hand Crank 


• 26"h x 18"w x 17"d

Operation Classification 
• Class I, II, III, & IV

• UL 325 and UL 991
• ETL Listed

• Commercial - 5 Year Limited
• Residential - 7 Year Limited

• Power I Battery Backup - 1/2 HP
• Power II Battery Backup - 1 HP 
• Provides 40 - 80 Cycles