SEA Gate 1 DG Control Board

SEA Gate 1 DG Control Board

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The Gate 1 DG Control Unit by SEA is designed for the management of one 115 V motor with or without limit switches. It features buttons, a built-in display and extractable terminals to allow for simple programming and customization of your operator.


Compatible Operators:

• Taurus Rack
• Taurus Chain
• Taurus Box 900
• Lepus Box
• Lepus Rack




• Management of one 115 VAC motor
• Adjustable slowdown for open/close
• Adjustable pedestrian opening
• LED warning light
• Connector for RF plug-in receiver
• Self-learning working time
• Encoder management
• Inversion on obstacle with encoder
• Balanced or standard safety edge management
• Separate torque adjustment for open/close

• Programmable through Jolly 3
• Motor inversion and limit switch (left/right hand mounting)
• Automatic closing adjustment
• Start in pause adjustment
• Prepared for Master/Slave management
• Adjustable courtesy light output up to 4 min.
• Setting number of cycles for assistance
• Settable photocells input
• Extractable terminals
• Photocell self-testing


 Control Board Return Policy

There are no returns on control/circuit boards. If there is an out-of-the-box problem with the board you receive, you must call us within twenty days of purchase at (786) 731-1668 to obtain an RMA# so you can ship the board back to us and we can start the evaluation process. If you do not wish to wait for this process to resolve, you can purchase a second board which will be credited back to you upon the Manufacturer's determination of a warranty issue. If the problem is not covered under warranty, you are responsible for all charges incurred. Manufacturer's findings are final. You are responsible for shipping the original product back to us: if the manufacturer determines there is a defect covered by warranty, we will reimburse your shipping fees (FEDEX/UPS Ground only).